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Tour Stops

Below are some of the more popular wineries we go to on our tours. Please feel free to go through these links and decide which ones you would like to visit, and remember, we are always available to answer any questions you many have about any of these locations. You can plan your own tours or we will be happy to help you plan your day for you. We are always updating this list so keep checking back before your visit and /or booking your tours with us.

As stated, we are continually adding more places so please check back!

Barons Creek Vineyards


Compass Rose Cellars

Calais Winery

Hye Meadow Winery

William Chris Vineyards

Hilmy Cellars

Fat Ass Winery

Woodrose Winery

Rancho Ponte

Lost Draw Cellars

Alexander Vineyards

Texas Hills Vineyards

Kuhlman Cellars

Torre di Pietra

Pedernales Cellars

Pedernales Brewering

Garrison Bros. Distillery

Hye Rum

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